Advantages And Disadvantages of Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

- Aug 01, 2020-

Solid wood Kitchen Cabinets refers to the cabinets made of solid wood or solid wood composite door panels in the whole Kitchen Cabinets. Its cabinets, countertops, functional hardware accessories, etc. are still composed of the original brand configuration of the manufacturer.

The advantages of solid wood Kitchen Cabinets are natural texture, high-end beauty, first of all, it gives people a feeling of returning to nature. With no additives, the solid wood Kitchen Cabinets are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and durable. With the development of wood processing technology, the exterior of solid wood Kitchen Cabinets has also abandoned the traditional impression of single color and simple shape. The treatment of the carved door panels and the color of the lacquer all make the overall solid wood Kitchen Cabinets more colorful.

Solid wood Kitchen Cabinets also have some minor drawbacks. Pure solid wood is a natural environmentally friendly product, and the price is relatively expensive. Also, the moisture content of the solid wood makes Kitchen Cabinets humidity relatively unstable, and deformation problems will occur in the winter rainy season. If it is exposed to direct sunlight in high-temperature weather, or the continuation of dry weather will cause the solid wood Kitchen Cabinets to crack. Furthermore, the solid wood Kitchen Cabinets are well-painted and cannot damage the internal materials, so the paint or dents will appear after collision of metal products or other sharp objects.