Advantages And Disadvantages of White Wardrobes

- May 24, 2020-

(1) Advantages: Many people choose white Wardrobes because it is simple, clean, and gives a visually great modern effect. This kind of Wardrobes is very widely used in the home decoration of the Nordic style. Secondly, white can give people a sense of open space, like some small living rooms if you use white furniture to avoid the feeling of crowding. Thirdly, white is a wild color, which can adapt to various styles and various matching colors, so as to save decoration costs.

(2) Disadvantages: The disadvantages of white Wardrobes are also obvious. The first is reflection. Reflective light can make people feel uncomfortable, this defect is particularly evident in the white light furniture. Secondly, it is difficult to care for and maintain. White Wardrobes will slowly turn yellow and crack during long years, so care should be taken in maintenance.