Advantages And Disadvantages of Wood Bathroom Cabinets

- Jun 04, 2020-

1. Premium Oak Bathroom Cabinets:

Bathroom Cabinets use oak as the main substrate, and are sprayed with waterproof and environmentally friendly paint. Compared with other artificial boards, the formaldehyde emission is lower, natural and environmentally friendly, and more durable.

Advantages: health and environmental protection, natural integrity, high-end elegance.

Disadvantages: expensive

2. Solid wood Bathroom Cabinets:

Bathroom Cabinets are made of solid wood as the main material.

Advantages: The solid wood feels relatively gentle, feels the grade is better, and can resist moisture. The plasticity of solid wood Bathroom Cabinets can be determined according to the different needs of consumers. This is really a healthy fashion choice, which is very in line with the psychological needs of modern urban people who respect nature.

Disadvantages: The stability of solid wood depends on the change of moisture content. The solid wood Bathroom Cabinets will be affected by the surrounding environment and change the moisture content of the factory. The change of moisture content will cause deformation and cracking.