Advantages of Fire-proof Plate As Kitchen Cabinet Door

- Jun 18, 2020-

The advantage of the fireproof board as the door panel of the kitchen cabinet is that the surface is relatively flat, not easy to deform, and the service life is long. The surface is resistant to high temperature, not afraid of heat, not hot, instantaneous high temperature resistance can reach 280 degrees. Its moisture and impermeability performance is also relatively good. Another big advantage of the fireproof board is that it has a large space for color selection, good surface light resistance, and is not easy to fade. The disadvantage of the fireproof board is that it must be edge-sealed and can only be made as a flat panel, which cannot meet your needs for pursuing a uniquely shaped kitchen cabinet.

Fireproof board used in kitchen cabinet door panel has its advantages that cannot be replaced. The refractory board is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, scratch-resistant, penetration-resistant, easy to clean, and bright in color. It meets the requirements of the kitchen cabinet, adapts to the special environment in the kitchen, and caters to the development trend of the combination of "beautiful and practical" kitchen cabinet.