Are Multi-layer Solid Wood Wardrobes Practical?

- Jun 07, 2020-

Wardrobes play a big role, so Wardrobes is more common in home life, and it is best to store clothes and other items. Among them, solid wood Wardrobes is a better category in Wardrobes, then multi-layer solid wood Wardrobes is good ?

Multilayer solid wood board is made by hot pressing of three or more layers of veneer or veneer. Wardrobes made with multiple layers of solid wood are called multilayer solid wood to make Wardrobes.

In the pressing process of solid wood multilayer board, because of the use of veneer vertical and horizontal bonding, high temperature and high pressure pressing, it has the advantages of structural stability, not easy to deform and reduces the use of adhesive glue. In the production process, polymer glue is used. After high temperature and high pressure, the PVC is edge-sealed to reduce the formaldehyde content, so that the formaldehyde release amount of the sheet meets the environmental protection standards and is green and environmentally friendly.