Cabinet cleaning

- Jan 09, 2019-

1, artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets avoid using hard baijie cloth, steel ball, chemical agent to wipe or steel brush, want to use a soft towel, soft baijie cloth with water wipe or with bright agent, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion.

2, fire prevention board is qualitative ambry but use household cleaner, with nylon brush or nylon ball is wiped, reoccupy wet hot cloth towel is wiped, wipe with dry cloth finally.

3, natural stone table appropriate with soft baijie cloth, can not be wiped with toluene detergent, otherwise it is difficult to remove white spots. When removing scale, cannot use acid stronger clean lavatory pink, thin hydrochloric acid to wait, can damage glaze otherwise, make its lose luster.

4, if the cabinet is log material, should first use a duster to clean the dust, and then dry cloth or log maintenance special emulsion to wipe, do not use wet cloth and oil cleaning products.

5, catharsis basin or the mesa place such as gas stove should avoid to knock or be hit, the joint of two mesa, should avoid the long-term immerse of moisture.

6, no matter use the ambry of which a kind of qualitative material, after using cook every time, answer to take out lampblack machine surface in time, burnish furnace, metope ceramic tile and mesa clean, put the appliance that has used and condiment clean hind original place.

7, when cleaning the mesa that wipes ambry, avoid to stay in water long on mesa, no matter any material is qualitative, long-term touch water to be able to reduce its service life. Remove soot stains, remove them with a damp cloth in a timely manner, while aged dirt requires special treatment with detergent.

8, metal material, natural stone is easy to clean and durable, usually with a soft dry cloth to clean, but must pay attention to the soft cloth must be clean, and along the direction to wipe, so as not to cause scratches. Proper use of detergent, activator and other professional products maintenance, can long protect the surface gloss and texture uniform appearance.

9, solid wood or solid wood veneer door maintenance, avoid close to the heat source, power supply, water source, avoid direct sunlight. The general best cleaning is to use a wet leather cloth to wipe, in the case of must use detergent, choose a mild cleaning products, and then wipe clean water after drying. To avoid dry crack, when maintaining, can choose to maintain clean candle is wiped. But also should avoid to use contain the product of nitrate or man-made synthetic colophony likewise, will cause harm to kitchenware otherwise.

10, glazed ceramics can be used neutral abrasive cleaning agent cleaning. Harsh abrasive cleaners can scratch or dull surfaces. Dry the product with a soft cloth after each use.

11, the surface of the door to prevent knife scratches, moisture-proof, can not have water droplets in the door for a long time, to prevent immersion door; Wipe usable cleanser and soap fluid processing, unfavorable use thinner and alcohol. If have colloid thing to stick on door plank, can use maintain clean wax to wipe gently can; When necessary, a small amount of alcohol can be used (the door with paint can not use alcohol) with cotton cloth or towel wipe the door, can not use wire ball; Never touch the door with caustic agents such as concentrated acid or alkali. If in contact, wash immediately with a neutral detergent or soapy solution.

12, paint door and mirror resin door is to use a fine cleaning cloth dipped in neutral cleaning fluid to wipe; Avoid scratching in contact with sharp objects. Slight scratches can also be treated with brightener. Especially the paint door, fire and heat source is one of the main factors to damage it, so to avoid high temperature baking or burning.

13, cabinet shelf pay attention to the layer board clip (or shelf pin) position is correct. Choose as far as possible to put the weight in the lower cabinet, the upper cabinet is suitable for the placement of light items, such as flavoring pot and glass, clean utensils to wipe dry and then put in.

14, the pull basket fittings in ambry, wipe with dry cloth please, avoid drop to remain in the surface to cause water mark. Of cabinet put oneself in another's position maintains let a person oversight easily, actually maintain good cabinet put oneself in another's position is the most not easy attaint.

15, keep the sewer unobstructed, prevent blockage, the pipe leakage, should be dealt with in a timely manner, it is best to ask professional repair personnel to repair, pay attention to the hose, sealing materials, such as the use of life, should be replaced in a timely manner if there is a problem.

16, clean the table. Different ambry is qualitative meeting differs somewhat in qualitative meeting, but no matter the ambry mesa of that kind of material pledges is afraid of high temperature corrode, should avoid in daily life hot pot, hot kettle is put on ambry mesa sang directly, lest produce Nick. And you should love the cutting board, not the counter, to avoid cutting marks. Additional, the ambry mesa of stainless steel rusts very easily, so condiment should avoid to be put on ambry mesa, lest rust affects beautiful.

17, in ambry is maintained, still should avoid the current on mesa to come down to soak door plank, otherwise time grows, door plank can be out of shape. And door plank hinge is shake handshandle to be able to produce even come loose, reduce the service life of ambry.

18, paint class door plank cannot use soluble cleaner.

19. All benzene solvents and resin solvents should not be used as panel cleaners.