Choose a dresser

- Jan 09, 2019-

One, dressing table style

Everyone has their own different aesthetic vision, so in the appearance of the choice as long as the individual like it, but the appearance of the dressing table is the best choice with paint brush, so easy to clean, not cosmetics infiltrate into the dressing table, affect the appearance of the dressing table. Still can choose the style of dresser collocation according to the integral style of the room at the same time.

Mirror of dressing table

The mirror of dresser cannot look at casually when choosing to feel ok good, the mirror of dresser must if fold a face to design, so when you are looking in the mirror, can see the each Angle of oneself face, the makeup look that sees oneself clearly which place has a problem.

Check the quality of the dressing table

Dresser is man-made plank is made mostly, owner should check its quality qualified certificate when choosing, see the formaldehyde content of plank and quality specification, had better be close to dresser smell, see whether to have pungent odour, if have, had better not buy.

Size of dressing table

The size of the dressing table is best 400*1000 (40 cm wide, 100 cm long), so easy to put cosmetics, if the size of the dressing table is too small, cosmetics are not put, it is more trouble. The height of dresser wants commonly between 70, 75 centimeters, such height suits the owner of common height quite.

Five, the matching chair of dressing table

When choosing dresser, must ask clear, see the chair that has form a complete set, had better choose the dresser that has form a complete set of chair, such unapt overall inharmonious, cause trouble to oneself toilet.

Six, layout

It can be divided into independent type and combined type. Independent type is about to dresser is established alone, do so more agile and optional, adornment effect often is more outstanding. Combinative type is set dresser and other furniture combination, this kind of means is appropriate at the small family with not much space.