Choose the Size When Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets

- Dec 02, 2019-

When choosing a cabinet, in addition to looking at the material and style, you also need to look at the size. Generally, the size of the cabinet is prescribed, but if there is a special demand, you can let the cabinet merchant customize a special size cabinet.

1.The most reasonable size of the kitchen cabinet

The most basic concept of kitchen design is a "triangular work space", so the sink, refrigerator and stove should be placed in proper positions, and the most ideal is a triangle. At the beginning of the design work, the ideal way is to use your daily "cooking procedures" as the basis for the design.

The layout of the kitchen is arranged along the process of food storage and preparation, cleaning and cooking. It should form a triangle along the three main equipments: the stove, the refrigerator and the sink. In architectural design terminology, this is called the design triangle, because these three functions usually need to coordinate with each other, so the most appropriate distance should be placed to save time and effort.

2. Choose the height of kitchen cabinet

The height of the worktable is set according to the height of the human body. The height of the cabinet is suitable for the height of the most frequently used kitchen. The height of the worktop is 80-85 cm; the distance between the work surface and the bottom of the hanging cabinet is about 50-60 cm; and the height of the stove top with double-eye stove is preferably not more than 60 cm.

Kitchen countertops should be designed with different heights according to different working areas. Some countertops are better if they are lower. If you like to make noodles, then the table commonly used to make noodles can reduce the height by 10 cm. However, in the design of the cabinet, you can't excessively pursue the change of height, especially in smaller kitchens. Too much change will affect the overall aesthetics.

3. Knowledge of Wall cabinet

The depth of the hanging cabinet is 30 ~ 40 cm. The door handle of the hanging cabinet door should be convenient for the height of the most common users. Most of the early kitchen cabinets were adjusted to the height of the kitchen ceiling, which often caused inconvenience to users. Today's kitchens

Regardless of the height of the kitchen, the design is completely customized according to the height of the user, which can be regarded as a true "people-oriented" modernization.

4. Paying attention to the width and distance

There should be a space between the edge of the cupboard and the wall or the cupboard. The distance should be adjusted to 76-91 cm, so that the user will not be too close or too far when handling and placing food, and will not appear when turning. Too cramped. The location of the pool may be specified by drainage pipes, plumbing fixtures, etc. In order to facilitate use, effectively use space, and reduce reciprocation, it is recommended to store vegetables, boxes, knives, detergents, etc. around the washing pool as a center, leaving enough space on both sides of the stove to facilitate the placement of pots, spades, dishes, and dishes , Bowls and other utensils.

In addition, there must be a certain distance between the sink and the stove, generally 8-10 cm, so that you can easily cook immediately after washing vegetables and so on.