Common Kitchen Cabinets Countertop Material-Natural Stone

- Jun 03, 2020-

The high-grade granite marble in natural stone is the traditional raw material for Kitchen Cabinets countertops, and two types of black flowers and white flowers are commonly used.

Advantages: The texture of natural stone is very beautiful, the texture is hard, the scratch resistance is very outstanding, and the wear resistance is good; the cost is low and the colors are different. The most commonly used prices are only about 200 yuan per meter, which is the most affordable. A countertop material for Kitchen Cabinets.

Disadvantages: The length of natural stone cannot be too long, and it is impossible to make a long overall table. It is not suitable for the modern trend of pursuing the whole countertop. The two splices cannot be integrated, and the gap is prone to bacteria. The natural stone is dense and requires strong Kitchen Cabinets. Although it is more rigid, it has insufficient elasticity. If it is hit hard, it will crack, it is difficult to repair, and some invisible natural Cracks can change easily when the temperature is sharp.

Attention: Natural stone has been weathered for tens of thousands of years. Some materials may be radioactive and emit toxic gas, which does not meet the environmental protection requirements. If no special processing is carried out, it may cause harm to human bodies. It is best to do a radiation test.