Common Sense For Bathroom Cabinets Maintenance

- Jun 03, 2020-

1. If the lacquer surface of Bathroom Cabinets is accidentally scratched and does not damage the cabinet, you can use crayon or paint of the same color to apply repair on the surface of Bathroom Cabinets, and then apply nail polish on it.

2. Use a cloth to wipe dust off the Bathroom Cabinets from time to time. Remember to spray some cleaner on the cloth.

3. Wax the Bathroom Cabinets frequently, waxing the Bathroom Cabinets every 6 months or so.

4. Daily cleaning of Bathroom Cabinets is very simple. Ceramic basins can be cleaned with clean water, detergent, soapy water, etc.

5. Bathroom Cabinets If the ceramic basin has scratches, you can apply some toothpaste, then wipe it repeatedly with a cloth, and then wax it to restore the Bathroom Cabinets to their original appearance.