Common types of cabinets

- Jan 09, 2019-

Integral ambry, also say "integral kitchen", it is to show by ambry, electric equipment, gas has, kitchen function appliance the ambry combination that 4 an organic whole forms. Its characteristic is ambry and work station and kitchen electric equipment and all sorts of functional parts organic union are together, in accordance with the individual demand of structure of the kitchen in consumer home, area, and family member, configure through whole, whole design, whole construction, form complete set product finally; The whole that realizes kitchen job every working procedure is harmonious, build a good domestic atmosphere, thick life breath.

Cabinet body: according to the spatial structure, including condole cabinet, ground cabinet, decorative cabinet, medium and high cabinet, counter, etc

Cabinet door: the choice is bigger, press material composition to include door of wooden kind door, aluminium alloy again, shutter door, move a door to wait

Decorative board: including partition, roof, top line board, back wall decoration

Mesa: include man-made stone, fire prevention board, man-made quartz stone, stainless steel mesa, natural stone mesa, superior SLATE

Footings: including footings, adjusting footings and connecting parts. Adjustment of the foot commonly used plastic and aluminum alloy foot board

Hardware accessories: including door hinge, guide rail, handle, lifting code, other structural accessories, decorative accessories

Functional accessories: including star basin (artificial stone basin and stainless steel basin), faucet, upper and lower water device, soap liquid device, all kinds of pull basket, pull frame, shelving, rice box, garbage can and so on

Lamps and lanterns: floor lamp, ceiling lamp, all kinds of built-in, special lamp for cabinet