Comparison Between Solid Wood And Ceramic Bathroom Cabinet

- May 27, 2020-

From the perspective of environmental protection, the solid wood Bathroom Cabinet is the most environmentally friendly. The Bathroom Cabinet made of solid wood not only has a light wood fragrance, but also its natural wood grain has a very good appearance, texture and feel are very good, can be very close to nature. However, this material's Bathroom Cabinet moisture resistance It is weak because the wood is susceptible to moisture, even if it has been waterproofed, it will not solve the problem. The solid wood Bathroom Cabinet is more suitable for the design of the bathroom with dry and wet separation.

Ceramic Bathroom Cabinet, which is made of ceramics, has a fixed mold, which may be weak in modeling performance. Its integrity is good, and the countertop is ceramic, which is not only easy to take care of, but also has a good decorative effect. However, the ceramic itself is a fragile object, which is easily damaged if it is hit by a hard object or a heavy object.