Correct Maintenance Knowledge of Bathroom Cabinets

- Jun 03, 2020-

1.Bathroom Cabinets should be kept open for 15 days to 20 days before use, and properly ventilated to eliminate residual odors.

2. Please do not modify and disassemble the stick and eccentric parts of Bathroom Cabinets.

3. Do not use sharp objects to scrape or hit the surface of Bathroom Cabinets;

4. Do not pry up the surface metal decoration materials, and do not clean the surface of metal objects with sharp materials such as steel balls;

5. Please do not pull the anti-collision strip that cuts the edges of Bathroom Cabinets, in order to ensure the effects of dustproof, anti-collision and anti-cockroach, and extend the service life of Bathroom Cabinets.

6. Bathroom Cabinets should be protected from direct sunlight for a long time to avoid local color difference.