Customized Recommended Size of Wardrobes

- Jul 14, 2020-

Wardrobes is an indispensable piece of furniture in a modern family. It is not only an expert in storage, but also a beautiful landscape in the home. Choose a suitable Wardrobes, both beautiful and practical, but also stylish.

To make full use of every inch of space, we can choose to customize Wardrobes, tailored to the size of the bedroom space, it is important to understand the size and parameters of Wardrobes before planning.

1. Generally speaking, the height of the coat area is 1000-2000mm.

2. The height of the drawer is not less than 150-200mm.

3. The height of the long dress area is 1400-1700mm, used to hang large clothes.

4. The futon area is not often used, it is generally placed in the top space of Wardrobes, the inner diameter height is recommended 400-500mm.

5. As for the stacked clothes, the width of Wardrobes should be between 300-400mm and the height should not be less than 400mm.