Design Recommendations For Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 19, 2020-

The most important thing in the kitchen is Kitchen cabinets. As the owner, when choosing Kitchen cabinets, most of them are concerned about the overall appearance of the Kitchen cabinets, such as: material, shape, structure, etc. Here we sort out the following experience for your reference, I hope to help the owner.

1. The operating surface of Kitchen cabinets is very important. It carries most of the work area in the kitchen. The size of the operating table should be reasonable. The width is generally between 40-60 cm. It is too inconvenient to operate too large or too small.

2. Kitchen cabinets worktops are generally paved with stone embedded, do not choose light colors at the end, choose a darker color, so as not to appear dirty after cooking every time, cleaning is too troublesome. The choice of countertop materials is generally based on artificial stone, which has good impermeability, which is strong and easy to clean, and the cost is also more advantageous than natural stone.

3. The design of the cooking area of Kitchen cabinets is slightly lower than that of the operating table, because the cooking table also needs to be equipped with cooking utensils. The height of the table top and the height of the cooking utensils make it convenient for the operator to cook and cook. It is advisable not to bend over or raise your hand!