Design Style of Modern Kitchen Cabinet

- May 14, 2020-

1. Simple and stylish neo-modern style

Modern Kitchen Cabinet abandons the traditional dusty and flashy, without complicated decoration, and develops the functionalist principles in modernist design from the structure and details.It emphasizes the perfect combination of function and form, and emphasizes the practicality of design and the use of new structures, new materials, and new technologies. Between tradition and fashion, Modern Kitchen Cabinet is luxurious but not extravagant, simple but not rough.Therefore, the kitchen cabinet design of the neo-modern design style is the most widely used. The perfect quality it brings naturally attracts many consumer groups pursuing fashion and high-grade life.

2. Elegant and subtle neoclassical style

Modern Kitchen Cabinet's elegant artwork and profound cultural heritage meet the aesthetic needs of people who pay attention to life connotation and quality. It uses high-grade solid wood as the material and combines with modern materials and processing technology. Its craftsmanship is exquisite, and it simplifies the complicated carvings, presenting a classic and simple dual aesthetic effect, so that people can enjoy spiritual comfort while enjoying material civilization.

3. Fresh and natural pastoral style

The pastoral design style of Modern Kitchen Cabinet seeks to express the leisurely, comfortable and natural rural life taste with the aim of advocating nature, combining nature and returning to nature. The whole style is luxurious and rich, giving people a strong atmosphere.

4. Simple and exquisite pragmatism style

Modern Kitchen Cabinet designed in a pragmatic style is based on the actual needs of people's lives, based on the principles of practicality, convenience and comfort, emphasizing the practical value of design, and is good at absorbing the advantages of other design styles, denying the flashy surface effort and opposing blindly following the crowd.The simple and clean lines show endless creativity and extremely personalized design language, which makes the modern and subtle design of Modern Kitchen Cabinet achieve a perfect combination between the visual and psychological subtle processing and product function and shape.