Details for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

- Dec 08, 2019-

Customizing furniture at home is an important thing and cannot be vague. The kitchen is used by many families every day. The poor design affects the mood, especially the details, which are often forgotten. After use, it is found to be inappropriate and can only be used. Why do n’t we come together to talk about the details of custom kitchen cabinets?


The kitchen is wet, and some ingredients are stored. The storage is not reasonable and the ingredients are scattered. It is most likely to attract insects such as cockroaches and affect the health of the family.

The kitchen storage area is reasonable. The pull basket, bowl basket, pot basket, seasoning basket, etc. are designed according to needs, so that the storage is more planned and the kitchen is more hygienic.

2.Wall cabinet

When the kitchen is too small and the kitchen cabinets are not enough, the first thing we think of is to fill the cabinets at home. However, in actual use, we will find that the use of the cabinet is not convenient due to height. Trouble, if the design is too short, and it is easy to hit the head, it is better to design a hanging cabinet pull basket, which is more convenient to use and the storage space becomes practical in an instant.


People who have experience in life will find that the corner of the cabinet in the home is awkward if the design is not good. The cabinet is so large that it can be used in a small place and is not practical. The dust is falling, and a flying saucer basket is designed, which can be used as a pot basket for storage.


The cabinet must have a back plate (except for the sink cabinet), and there is a back plate, which is more sanitary as a whole. However, some businesses on the market choose good materials and choose inferior materials as cabinet backboards, which requires caution.


Many families did not consider the lighting when designing the kitchen cabinet, but just designed a ceiling lamp above the kitchen. However, it is difficult to take care of some corners of the cabinet when cooking at night. In order to be more considerate when designing the cabinet, you can add induction light strips to make your home more convenient.

What details need to pay attention to custom kitchen cabinets? In addition to the above five details, you also need to carefully select the materials such as the type of board, environmental protection, and the load bearing of the countertop. However, if you choose a right brand, you don't need to worry about these materials.