Different Types of Bathroom Cabinet Materials

- May 30, 2020-

1. Density Board Bathroom Cabinet uses the density board as the base material to make the cabinet body, and then performs waterproof treatment. The difference between the quality and the quality is the order of the waterproof treatment process: the material is first cut, and then the waterproof Bathroom Cabinet has the best quality. Bathroom Cabinet, which is waterproof first, and then cut off, is next best.

2. PVC Bathroom Cabinet can be made according to the processing technology of wood board. The raw material of the cabinet is PVC crust foam board, and the countertop of Bathroom Cabinet is also similar to solid wood. It is characterized by good waterproof performance, and the color gloss of the paint is bright and eye-catching, suitable for fashionable and avant-garde consumers. However, when the PVC board is subjected to gravity, it will be deformed by force and cannot be restored after a long period of time. Therefore, the basin body generally supported by such cabinets is not very large and has a small weight.

3. Acrylic Bathroom Cabinet must be processed according to the mold. First soften the acrylic material at high temperature, and then process it into various style cabinets according to the shape of the mold; this type of Bathroom Cabinet is also waterproof, but its nature is very brittle, and it is easy to produce scratches and cracks.