Do Not Use These Wardrobes Materials

- May 24, 2020-

1. Paint-free board: Although paint-free board has many advantages, we will find some hidden shortcomings of paint-free board Wardrobes when we use it. This decoration material is not a solid wood material, which is the main reason why the paint-free board Wardrobes is cheap. Too heavy clothes will bend and break the paint-free board, which is also a very headache.

2. Mixed material wood board: Some businesses will choose some Wardrobes materials containing formaldehyde for their own benefit, so that the materials contain some harmful wood, such wood is more Wardrobes than pure wood It's much cheaper. In this way, they can get very great benefits from them. However, if we choose a wooden board made of mixed materials, it will be very harmful to our body, and its practicability is also relatively poor.