Do You Know Half Open Wardrobes?

- Jun 01, 2020-

The semi-open Wardrobes have a strong three-dimensional sense. The way of taking out drawers and shelves will also have certain requirements for the design. Wardrobes not only need to be reasonable, but also need to save space and area, and the utilization requirements are higher, so each location will have different types of design concepts, and need to be effectively matched in the selection to avoid excessive clutter.

The semi-open Wardrobes are mostly placed in the bedroom, and can also be placed in other positions as needed. They are combined with the spatial structure to facilitate the design of the home.

The semi-open Wardrobes will not take up too much space, and different styles can be customized according to the type of house. Wardrobes, which are not completely closed, are more permeable, spacious and bright, not only can store clothes, but also play a beautiful role in displaying.