Do You Know How To Choose Wardrobes Materials?

- Aug 30, 2020-

There are many materials for Wardrobes, but it is best to use solid wood, because it avoids too much adhesive, making Wardrobes healthier, environmentally friendly, safe, stable and durable. However, the price of solid wood Wardrobes is high, and many people are hesitant to buy it.

The large core board is also a good material for making Wardrobes. The inner layer of the large core board is formed by splicing the core material and the strip logs, and the outer layer is made of the board pasted on the outside. The surface of the large core board is smooth and stable, not easy to deform, and it is also subject to high pressure.

High-density board is a kind of artificial board commonly used in the market, and it is also a commonly used board for customized Wardrobes. It is made by crushing wood and branches. High-density board has the advantages of high strength and easy processing, but its moisture resistance is not good, and it will be moldy when used to make Wardrobes.