Do You Know How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Properly?

- Jun 19, 2020-

1. Regardless of the type of kitchen cabinets used, after each use of cooking, the surface of the range hood, gas stove, wall tiles and countertops should be cleaned in time, and the used utensils and condiments should be cleaned. Put it back.

2. When cleaning and wiping the kitchen countertops, avoid leaving water on the countertop for a long time, regardless of any material, long-term water will reduce its service life. Fume stains should be removed with a damp cloth in time, and aged dirt needs special treatment with a cleaning agent.

3. Clean the Kitchen Cabinets countertop. Different Kitchen Cabinets will have different materials, but no matter which type of Kitchen Cabinets countertops are afraid of high temperature corrosion, you should avoid hot pots and hot water bottles placed directly on the cabinet countertops in daily life to avoid scratches. . And when cutting vegetables, they should be on the cutting board instead of the Kitchen Cabinets, so as not to leave a knife mark. In addition, the stainless steel Kitchen Cabinets countertop is easy to rust, so the seasoning should be avoided on the cabinet countertop, so as to prevent rust from affecting the appearance.