Do You Know How To Properly Maintain Your Wardrobes?

- Jun 20, 2020-

1. Allow Wardrobes to breathe more, or use dehumidifiers regularly to prevent cabinets and clothing from getting wet. Use less aromatics containing chemical ingredients to deodorize Wardrobes, as they are likely to cause damage to Wardrobes.

2. Do not place Wardrobes in direct sunlight to avoid deformation or brittleness of the wood under the light.

3. If you use sliding door or dustproof strip for a long time, there may be a slight degumming phenomenon. Just use double-sided adhesive to bond; there is a gap in the positioning of the lower track locator. It can be done at the seam; when the sliding door is tilted, if it is tilted to the right, adjust the left bottom wheel's "loosening" mark or the right bottom wheel's "tight" marking.

4. When using Wardrobes sliding door, be sure to see if the handle protrudes. If it is protruding, it should be dealt with in time to avoid greater losses.