Do You Know L-shaped Kitchen Cabinets And Island-shaped Kitchen Cabinets?

- May 19, 2020-

L-shaped Kitchen Cabinets don't just look at just one more corner. Using the turning point on this cabinet can add a lot of fun to the life of the kitchen and realize many new functions. L-shaped Kitchen Cabinets is a practical kitchen design and the most common kitchen design, ideal for small spaces. By dividing the working area between two walls connected in this way, an ideal working triangle can be obtained.

Island-type Kitchen Cabinets refer to a separate operating area with cabinets that is independent of the cabinets. Kitchen Cabinets islands are only suitable for open kitchens. Their biggest role in modern decoration is to separate the kitchen from other spaces. Island-type Kitchen Cabinets have more work surfaces and storage space, so that multiple people can work in the kitchen at the same time.