Do You Know The Key Points of Customizing Kitchen Cabinets?

- Aug 27, 2020-

1. There is a prescribed process for cooking

Your Kitchen Cabinets design should follow this process. It is best to design the vegetable cutting space of the pool and the stove on the same process line, which is convenient and convenient.

2. Who will determine the height of the Kitchen Cabinets?

Don't believe the standard height of the so-called Kitchen Cabinets, as everyone's height and habits are different. Be sure to book the Kitchen Cabinets with the appropriate height with the designer yourself, otherwise it will reduce the use effect of Kitchen Cabinets. Of course, if the size of Kitchen Cabinets exceeds the manufacturer's standard, there will be an additional charge. This must be asked clearly.

3. Design kitchen and eating habits

Does your family like Western food or Chinese food? The operation of Western food and Chinese food are completely different, and the requirements for range hoods and stoves are also different.