Don’t Put Kitchenware Directly In Kitchen Cabinets

- Sep 15, 2020-

In order to keep the kitchen tidy and beautiful, many people always put dishes, chopsticks, knives, cutting boards, etc. in Kitchen Cabinets. The freshly washed dishes are stacked together, and Kitchen Cabinets are not ventilated. It is difficult to evaporate the water. After a long time, odors will be generated and bacteria will grow. Therefore, kitchenware should also be placed in a ventilated and dry place. You can set up a dish rack next to the sink, and dry the washed dishes every time. You only need to rinse them with clean water the next time you use them.

It should be noted that the cutting board we usually use is very easy to absorb water, the surface has many scratches and fine seams, and often contains the residue of fresh food. If the cleaning is not thorough and the storage is improper, the food residue will rot and a lot of bacteria will multiply, and even mold spots will appear. Therefore, do not put it directly in Kitchen Cabinets after use, but hang it to dry outside.