Drawers-An Integral Part of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 13, 2020-

The drawer is an indispensable part of Kitchen Cabinets, and in the design of the entire drawer, the most important accessory is the slide rail. When choosing Kitchen Cabinets, the drawer can be completely drawn out, and its structure and the specific structure of the part in contact with the slide rail can be clearly seen from the bottom, and the thickness of the drawer side panel can also be observed.

Kitchen Cabinets on the market use both steel ball rails and silicon roller rails. The former automatically removes dust and dirt on the slide rail through the rolling of the steel ball, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the slide rail, and will not affect its sliding function due to the dirt entering the interior. The debris generated during the long-term use and friction of the silicon roller slide is in the form of snow flakes, and it can also be brought up by rolling, which will not affect the free sliding of the drawer.