Dust Prevention Method of Walk In Closets

- Jun 16, 2020-

1. Antistatic property of ground material: laying carpet on the floor of cloakroom is the choice of many owners. Here I want to remind everyone: Walk In Closets carpets must use anti-static products, otherwise it is difficult to create a "low dust" effect for the cloakroom.

2. Appropriate humidification: Appropriate humidification for Walk In Closets in winter is also a good way to improve the dustproof ability of the cloakroom. Because proper air humidity can make floating dust fall to the ground and make the indoor air cleaner.

3. Closure of the locker cabinet: Here I suggest to use the design of the door leaf when designing Walk In Closets, and make the coat cabinet closed. The closed coat cabinet plays a great role in preventing dust. In addition, you can install a layer of cloth curtains on the cabinet or buy some storage boxes with lids and brushed openings for placing small pieces of clothing, which can block dust and facilitate access.