Five Money-saving Tips For Customizing Wardrobes

- Jun 02, 2020-

1. Special board for Wardrobes

Many custom Wardrobes merchants will have some special boards. In fact, the quality of these boards is generally no problem, but the store is used for small profits and quick sales, so when you customize furniture, if these boards are suitable for the design, it can actually be used. , This can also save a sum of money.

2. Buy some hardware

The custom-made Wardrobes sheet metal business can't make a lot of money, mainly on hardware accessories, so if you want to save money, some accessories and hardware can be bought by yourself. For example, Wardrobes handle can be bought online by yourself, and then give The installation fee can be given to the master. Wardrobes' dressing mirrors are the same, and you can buy them yourself, plus the installation fee.

3. Wardrobes uses less laminates

In the design of Wardrobes, you can use a little less laminate, so you can save a little money, but if you want to save money, it depends on yourself. If you like to stack clothes, then Wardrobes must have some laminates!