Five Tips For Preventing Dust From Wardrobes

- Jun 01, 2020-

Open Wardrobes are loved by people for their simplicity, fashion and great practicality. But things have two sides, and open Wardrobes also have a big disadvantage, which is that they are prone to dust. In response to this problem, we give you five tips to protect the open Wardrobes from dust.

1. In winter, proper humidification of Wardrobes can improve its dustproof ability. Proper air humidity can reduce dust floating in the air and make the indoor air fresher. However, the degree of humidification should be controlled. Excessive humidification can cause Wardrobes and clothes to become moldy due to moisture.

2. Anti-static cloth curtains can effectively prevent dust from entering Wardrobes.

3. It is a good choice to use a dust cover in the clothes hanging area of Wardrobes.

4. Use anti-static floor materials.

Five, to ensure the closure of Wardrobes.