Five Tricks To Teach You To Keep Dust Away From Open Wardrobes

- Jun 19, 2020-

1. Appropriate humidification

In winter, proper humidification of Wardrobes can also increase the dustproofing capacity of Wardrobes. Proper air humidity can sink floating dust and make indoor air fresher. However, it should be noted that proper humidification is enough. If you add an appropriate amount of excess weight, the clothes stored in Wardrobes will cause mildew.

Second, the curtain

Use anti-static material curtains. Can effectively prevent dust.

3. Dust cover

You can use a dust cover to hang clothes, or you can use a box to stack clothes. And regularly organize the open Wardrobes, you can also set up some drawers and small cabinets in the Wardrobes to store things.

4. Antistatic properties of ground materials

Laying carpet on the open Wardrobes floor is the choice of many owners, reminding everyone to choose open Wardrobes carpets with antistatic properties. In addition, the open Wardrobes floor should not be laid with foam floor mats and other ground materials that are easy to "absorb soil".

Fifth, the closure of Wardrobes

Now that the wind and sand in the city are getting more and more serious, air pollution is becoming more and more important. If you want to improve the dust resistance of the open Wardrobes, an important step is to install open Wardrobes with good closed doors or set the open Wardrobes in a closed space.