Four Tips to Identify the Characteristics of Kitchen Cabinet Board--UV Highlight Plywood

- Dec 05, 2019-

UV high-gloss panels are not only environmentally friendly and healthy, but also have good decorative effects. Its surface is protected by UV light-curing paint, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, resistant to pollution and corrosion, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, and highly decorative and practical. UV high-gloss panels are widely used, but the most common is for kitchen cabinets and wardrobe doors. In addition to full color, they also have properties such as hard texture, smooth surface, and easy cleaning. There is currently no better product on the market to replace UV products. Compared with baking paint, the production cycle is short; compared with crystal steel door panels, the edge sealing of UV plywood is more beautiful and easy to clean.

Here I will teach you a few tricks to get a plate and buy a satisfactory UV highlight plate.

1. Board recognition

UV board has high brightness, high flatness, and beautiful color, which can be identified by eyes. In addition, the UV paint has high strength characteristics. If you use an ordinary key tip to hit the board directly, or use a certain amount of stroke on the board, the real UV board will not have any damage. If you agree, just try it.

2. Identify the substrate panel

A good substrate is a guarantee of the quality of the UV board, which can ensure no deformation, smooth and flat surface, strong nail grip, and natural environmental protection. our UV highlight board is based on beech plywood. The beech itself has high hardness, strong impact resistance, durability and excellent performance. The simplest and rude way to distinguish whether it is environmentally friendly is to take a small sample and put it on the nose to smell the odor. The environmentally friendly substrate is odorless.

3. After-sale Service: Say, customer first.

After-sales service is very important. Good after-sales service is an important standard for testing a company.

4. Price

In fact, when shopping, many people seek quality and cheap, but rarely do. It is unfair to compare prices for two products of different quality. Under the premise of guaranteed quality, it is feasible to shop around.