How Should Wardrobes Be Prevented From Moulding?

- Jun 24, 2020-

If it is found that Wardrobes has mold, in addition to wiping the mold with a cloth, we also need to apply varnish on it again, which can effectively prevent the growth of mold.

Humidity in the air can easily cause Wardrobes to mold. Then we can put some quick lime at home, which can not only effectively prevent moisture, but also have a disinfecting effect. If the humidity in Wardrobes is too high, you can put a tungsten filament bulb in Wardrobes and turn on when it is wet, which can effectively reduce the moisture in the wardrobe and keep Wardrobes dry. At the same time, pay attention to opening the window for ventilation and ventilation. Try not to use a humidifier indoors to prevent excessive moisture and affect the use of Wardrobes.