How To Calculate The Price of Customized Kitchen Cabinets?

- Jun 08, 2020-

The decoration friends must understand how to calculate the price of the custom kitchen cabinets before customizing the kitchen cabinets.

1. Liner meter calculation method

The actual size of liner meter depends on the unit of measurement. At present, Kitchen Cabinets merchants use more pricing methods. For example, if the kitchen must be customized for 4.5 meters of Kitchen Cabinets, the unit extended rice price is multiplied by 4.5 meters. If the price is 2,000 yuan per extended meter, the overall price of 4.5 extended meters It is 9000 yuan.

2. Cabinet calculation method

The cabinet body, cabinet door and hardware are counted as a whole, and the countertop is calculated separately. Calculated as a separate cabinet. If you want to order 3 sets of floor cabinets and 2 sets of hanging cabinets. The price of the bottom cabinet is 1500 yuan, three sets of 4500 yuan; the price of the hanging cabinet is 800 yuan, the two groups of hanging cabinets are 1600 yuan, and the price of the Kitchen Cabinets cabinet is 6100 yuan.

3. Overall calculation method

Refers to the price of a complete set of Kitchen Cabinets. The method is simple. This calculation method limits the size and material selection of Kitchen Cabinets. This customization method is not suitable for the current market, so it is generally rare in the market.