How to Clean Different Stain on Wardrobe?

- Jun 15, 2020-

Dust: Pay attention to keeping the surface of Wardrobe clean daily. When there is dust on the surface of Wardrobe, you should use a duster or soft cloth to remove the dust. You should also avoid contacting Wardrobe with dirt.

Water mark: The water mark usually disappears by itself after a period of time. If it does not fade after a long time, you can wipe it with a clean cotton cloth coated with a small amount of salad oil in the direction of the wood grain.

Food stains: All kinds of tea stains, fruit juices, butter, etc. splashing on the surface of Wardrobe will leave a slight stain, which should be wiped off immediately, and then use a clean soft cloth to polish the stain.

Ink marks: Can be wiped with a soft rubber. To prevent discoloration, a few drops of water can be placed on the stains. The cleaned Wardrobe surface can be maintained with professional maintenance agents or emollient oils.

Other general stains: Use professional Wardrobe cleaner to clean.