How to Design A Beautiful and Practical Kitchen Cabinet ?

- Nov 29, 2019-

In terms of home life, the kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas. The cabinet as the main use area, can be called the core area of the kitchen decoration. The shape of the cabinet is the main point of the kitchen layout. Due to the limitations of the apartment structure and area, different kitchens are suitable for different cabinet shapes!

Cabinet shape

According to the influence of objective factors such as space size and internal structure, the cabinets are divided into three types: "L", "F" and "U". These three kitchen cabinet layouts have their own advantages and disadvantages. How to choose them when decorating? Let's take a look together!

1. U-shaped kitchen cabinet

U-shaped cabinets are suitable for large-area units. The U-shaped design is designed to compress part of the space, thereby bringing ample use area and storage space.

The left side adopts the design of a hanging cabinet + cabinet, and the embedded appliances are arranged at the corner to leave a wide operating table. The effect of keeping the cabinet clean and tidy. The white-based cabinet with light-colored tiles creates a transparent and bright visual effect.

The sink and the vegetable countertop are designed in the middle area, and the left and right sides are used as vegetable cutting and storage areas, not only beautifully storing items but also very convenient for multiple purposes!

2. Linear kitchen cabinet

I-shaped cabinets often adopt a straight-line layout, and the moving line is arranged in three areas: washing, cutting, and frying. The space is clear at a glance and the structure is simple and clear, which can save the kitchen space to the greatest extent.

The I-shaped kitchen cabinet is suitable for small-sized kitchens. When decorating, try to arrange the cooking area, vegetable cutting area and cleaning area according to the usage habits. The most commonly used design is to arrange left and right in order. The advantage is that the font layout can effectively use narrow and long spaces, but the distance between each area is far, and it is not flexible when used.

Of course, if the space on both sides of the kitchen is wide, you can choose double-inline cabinets! That is, on the basis of the one-line cabinet, designing one more row of one-line cabinets can maximize the use of space and enhance the use of the kitchen.

3.L-shaped kitchen cabinet

If the kitchen at home is relatively long and narrow, and you want to create visual openness while taking into account multiple functions! The L-shaped cabinet is undoubtedly the most suitable design.

The L-shaped layout makes efficient use of the kitchen space. As shown in the figure above, the left side is used as a washing and cutting area, and the spacious countertop on the right is used as a cooking area for various functions such as frying and stewing.

This layout allows the washing area to be located at the outermost edge of the L-shape, forming a triangular operating area to facilitate daily use.

How to choose a kitchen cabinet layout?

The above mentioned several layouts common in the decoration of the kitchen today, so how to choose when decorating? The answer is very simple. According to the size and structure of the indoor unit, you can choose U-shaped and double-shaped cabinet designs when the size of the room is large and the storage space is large. Finally, if the area is small and you want to leave enough space for use, it is suitable for a linear cabinet.

Now, do you know how to choose a kitchen cabinet when decorating? For cabinet decoration, if you have other experiences, please share.