How to Design Children's Wardrobes To Use Space More Effectively?

- Aug 18, 2020-

The children’s room in most people’s homes is relatively small. How should the furniture be arranged in such a small space? Especially how to design wardrobes? Today I sorted out 6 designs of children's wardrobes. If your home is ready to customize children's wardrobes, you can look down.

Option 1: Independent wardrobes to top design. If you want to make the children's room wardrobes simpler, you can do independent wardrobes and go directly to the top design to avoid dust accumulation on the top of the wardrobes. At the same time, more storage space can also be added, and the space on the top can be used to store some quilts for changing seasons.

Option 2: wardrobes + bookcase + desk design. The children's room has a relatively small space. If you want to put a closet, bookcase, and desk at the same time, you can combine the three and customize them together, so that you can control the size and use the small space. This design is relatively practical.

Option 3: Multifunctional compound wardrobes. Wardrobes can store different items through the internal space layout, such as storing clothes in the middle, and storing books and toys on the left and right sides. This multi-functional compound design can cultivate children's habit of storing toys themselves.