How To Design Kitchen Cabinets To Suit You?

- Aug 29, 2020-

1. Scientifically and rationally design kitchen appliances

When designing Kitchen Cabinets, it is necessary to design the small kitchen appliances that must be used in a reasonable position, and arrange the switch sockets. There are many small appliances that can be installed in the kitchen. However, it is very necessary to arrange as many sockets as possible. Of course, it is also appropriate to use a plug row.

2. Determine the type and color of Kitchen Cabinets door panels and the type and color of Kitchen Cabinets countertops

Fire-retardant board, solid wood, blister, or baking paint? What color do you like, what color is on the cabinet, and what color is the lower cabinet? Does this color match your main decoration style?

3. Design principles for upper and lower cabinets

In order to pursue the regularity of the form of Kitchen Cabinets or reduce the cost, some people use the form of double doors for the upper and lower cabinets, but this will cause a lot of inconvenience to users. If the upper cabinet door is opened sideways, if you don't pay attention, your head will hit the door.

Items stored in the lower level of the lower cabinet must be squatted down to get it. For easy access, the most commonly used items should be placed between 70 cm and 185 cm in height. This area is called the comfortable storage area. The optimal height of the upper cabinet from the ground is 145 cm. For easy use when opening, the cabinet door can be changed to an air door that folds upward.