How to distinguish the style of kitchen cabinet

- May 29, 2019-

First, pastoral style is mainly to use a large number of solid wood panels and components to show its delicate woodworking skills, so that you can enter the kitchen, like a country villa, leisure, natural, such a design can best meet those who cherish the family warmth.


Second, modern style cabinets will have fire-proof panels or painted panels, which can satisfy many office workers can not spend more time every day to manage, and its design is simple and lively, is the favorite of many young people.


Thirdly, the handle of teak in classical style and a bright line in detail are all classical details in classical style. They blend their respect for tradition and love for life now.


Four. The avant-garde style is mostly composed of metal and glass. The color contrast is strong. Its characteristics are not only the pursuit of fashion, but also the positive attitude of self-expression.


Fifth, classical style and classical style have been enduring for a long time because of its elegant and noble temperament, unique friendliness and calmness, just to meet the successful people to cater to its heart. In material selection, solid wood has always been considered the first choice, formally because of its color, pattern and unique simplicity and unadorned always can be respected by mature people.


Sixth, the rural style kitchen design is to introduce the rural flavor of the wild into the interior, making people quiet in the bustling city, but also to close the distance between people and nature. The use of painted tiles with imaginative and tasteful, depicting a variety of fruits, flowers and birds and other natural landscape, so that the kitchen appears quiet, comfortable and simple flavor. And the floor to the use of log flooring, warm feet feel more like the smell of the earth. If you are a person who likes to live in the countryside, then the country style kitchen will make you feel that life is full of leisure and natural flavor.