How To Extend The Life of Laundry Cabinet?

- Jun 13, 2020-

The quality of the Laundry Cabinet produced by the manufacturer will affect its service life, and our daily use and maintenance of Laundry Cabinet will also affect its service life. The better the maintenance, the longer the service life will be!

1. Be careful when handling Laundry Cabinet! Laundry Cabinet countertops are basically made of stone at a time, so they should be lifted up gently. Never avoid bumpy transportation without any cushioning device, the tabletop of Laundry Cabinet is easily broken.

2. Laundry Cabinet of any material will turn yellow if exposed to sunlight all year round. Therefore, if the Laundry Cabinet is installed on a balcony, you need to install a curtain on the balcony window or avoid direct sunlight.

3. When cleaning the inside of Laundry Cabinet, try to use some clean soft cotton cloth that is not easy to depilate. Avoid using liquids that are too hot and too alkaline to clean the inside of the Laundry Cabinet.