How To Identify Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

- Jun 11, 2020-

Look, smells and knocks.

1. At a glance: Generally speaking, real solid wood Kitchen Cabinets rarely have perfect textures, most of them have natural color difference, and their textures mostly have certain differences. However, "pseudo solid wood" Kitchen Cabinets have clear textures and appearance It can be described as "perfect". In addition, the pure solid wood can also be identified by the scar identification method. Consumers can look at the relative positions of the appearance and back of the solid wood Kitchen Cabinets. If the texture and the scar nodes can correspond well, it is pure solid wood.

2. Two smells: most solid woods have the natural aroma of trees, such as cypress wood with light fragrance, pine wood with rosin, camphor wood will have a very obvious camphor smell, and some artificial boards will have a strong irritant Smell, such as formaldehyde.

3. Three knocks: In addition, when purchasing Kitchen Cabinets, consumers can also identify by clicking on the sound of the wooden surface. Generally speaking, solid wood Kitchen Cabinets will emit a crisper sound, while the artificial board products The sound is relatively low.