How to Install Bathroom Cabinets Correctly?

- Jun 03, 2020-

Floor-mounted Bathroom Cabinets are suitable for bathrooms that are separated from wet and dry. They are placed in a dry area and do not need to be on a wall, so there is no requirement for the wall, as long as the size is suitable, it can be put in. The advantage of floor-mounted Bathroom Cabinets is that you can put things in the entire Bathroom Cabinets and it looks cleaner. Floor-to-ceiling Bathroom Cabinets are the most suitable if you can't stand the exposed person. But pay attention to the quality of cabinet legs. Bathroom Cabinets made of solid wood usually have metal heightening pads to avoid wooden feet from directly touching the ground.

For the bathroom where dry and wet separation is not possible, it is recommended to use hanging Bathroom Cabinets. Keep the cabinet away from the ground to avoid long-term water accumulation on the ground, which can cause mold to burst. But note that hanging Bathroom Cabinets can only be installed on the main wall or solid wall tiles.