How To Maintain The Doors of Oak Kitchen Cabinets?

- Jun 10, 2020-

Kitchen cabinets are now installed in the kitchen decoration of many homes, especially the cabinet doors made of oak not only look good, but also very durable. However, the maintenance of oak Kitchen Cabinets doors is more troublesome.

1. Maintenance method of slight cracking

It is very easy for oak Kitchen Cabinets door panels to crack. After all, many Kitchen Cabinets door panels are made of hardwood and are also a combined structure of the frame. Because the seasons are different and the humidity environment in the air is different, it naturally causes a slight appearance. Phenomenon of expansion or cracking.

2. The impact of damp on Kitchen Cabinets door panels

We should avoid hanging damp clothes, towels and rags on the oak Kitchen Cabinets door panel. After all, wet clothes will cause the oak door panel to fade, or the watermark will cause permanent damage.

3. Avoid dust contamination

Generally, Kitchen Cabinets made of oak materials cannot be kept away from dust for a long time, because the carved design of oak door cabinets is easily contaminated by dust, which is easy to destroy the overall beauty of the room. Therefore, we usually need to use a feather duster to clean oak to collect Kitchen Cabinets.