How To Prevent Laundry Cabinet From Falling Off Paint?

- Nov 03, 2020-

Laundry Cabinet is easy to paint off, which requires us to maintain it frequently.

1. For white baking paints, Laundry Cabinet, yellowing will occur after long-term use, which is very unsightly. In this regard, we can use toothpaste to wipe during daily cleaning, but we need to pay attention to it during wiping to avoid the situation that the surface of the balcony baking class Laundry Cabinet is stripped due to excessive force.

2. Although the baking process is made by baking and painting the surface of the Laundry Cabinet for many times, the surface film is not resistant to high temperature, so you should avoid direct exposure of the Laundry Cabinet to sunlight in daily use Below, in order to avoid discoloration of the paint film at high temperatures. If necessary, curtains can be hung on the balcony windows to cover the decoration.

3. The baking process is generally poor in acid and alkali resistance, so during use, it is necessary to avoid alkaline and acidic objects from directly contacting the baking paint class Laundry Cabinet, especially some corrosive drops or sprays, which should be cleaned after use To ensure that the surface is clean, then put it in the balcony baking cabinet.