How to Prevent Open Wardrobes From Dust?

- Jun 20, 2020-

The most obvious problem with open Wardrobes, which is also frequently questioned by many elders, is the problem of dust prevention. After all, without the door, dust is more likely to enter Wardrobes to stain clothes. Don't be afraid, the development of open Wardrobes to the present, of course, there are ways to solve this problem.

1. Lay an antistatic carpet on the open Wardrobes floor. The surrounding environment of the open Wardrobes is in a relatively clean and dust-free state. Naturally, the clothes in Wardrobes are less susceptible to dust contamination.

2. Perform proper humidification. When the weather is dry, you can properly humidify the air of the open Wardrobes, because the dust is not easy to float into the clothing in the appropriate air humidity, and it can make the indoor air more fresh. But if it is relatively humid weather, don't use this method, it will make the clothes more moldy.