How to Properly Maintain Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

- Jul 09, 2020-

Solid wood Kitchen Cabinets are generally dominated by dark series, so in many cases we may not be able to see the stains on the surface of the solid wood Kitchen Cabinets, but it is undeniable that your naked eyes cannot see it, which does not mean that there are no stains on it. If the stains of solid wood Kitchen Cabinets are not removed in time, it is likely to affect its aesthetic effect.

Repair of scratches and dents: A simpler method is to use cotton balls or paintbrushes to apply a similar color of shoe polish on the surface of Kitchen Cabinets.

Remove water traces: Use clean absorbent paper to spread on the water traces, use a heated iron to press it on top, or use salad oil and toothpaste, and then dry it and wax it. Solid wood Kitchen Cabinets are actually very precious, so as much as possible to protect as much as possible, try not to let the solid wood surface come into contact with decayed liquid, alcohol, nail polish, hot cups and bowls.