Introduction To The Advantages And Disadvantages of Wardrobes Sliding Doors

- Jul 20, 2020-

Wardrobes sliding doors mostly use glass plates, because of the characteristics of glass reworkability, baking paint, sand blasting, tempering, special-shaped treatment, etc., the glass sliding doors can meet almost any consumer's personalized design needs. Therefore, the glass sliding door as a Wardrobes door has the advantages of personality, fashion, art, and sturdiness. Because of the weight of the glass, the glass sliding door feels very good in the process of use.

Wardrobes sliding doors are more space-saving indoors. When opened and closed, they have less impact on the wall, and are more suitable for rooms with small spaces and thin partition doors.

Of course, glass sliding doors as Wardrobes doors also have the following disadvantages due to material characteristics. First of all, when the glass sliding door exceeds 1000mm, the weight of the sliding door will become very large. Such a sliding door has extremely high requirements for alloys and parts, and it also greatly reduces the service life of the parts. In addition, the safety of the large-format sliding door for some families is relatively low. Secondly, the glass sliding door is used as the Wardrobes door. No matter whether the glass is toughened or whether the explosion-proof film is attached, the glass door core is relatively easy to damage.