Is PVC Bathroom Cabinet Environmentally Friendly?

- May 29, 2020-

The raw material of PVC Bathroom Cabinet is PVC, and PVC also has a name of polyvinyl chloride, and this material is commonly known as plastic in daily life. Everyone has a certain understanding of plastics. Under normal circumstances, such products have poor high-temperature resistance, and they are very easy to deform and emit toxic substances. In particular, some PVC Bathroom Cabinets of unqualified quality may contain formaldehyde.

Although the materials of PVC Bathroom Cabinet have already been discussed above. But in addition to these materials, some other chemicals are added to ensure that PVC Bathroom Cabinet has better heat resistance and high temperature resistance. To a certain extent, these substances are not very environmentally friendly, especially if they are not qualified, or some materials that are not strictly used in accordance with the standards during processing. If you use this material for a long time, it may cause harm to your health.