Key Points For Installation of Open Wardrobes

- May 31, 2020-

Open Wardrobes store clothes in an open form, so the clothes are exposed to the outside, there is no privacy, and it is easy to style messy. Therefore, the layout of the open Wardrobes cabinet must be distributed reasonably. Before the pattern design, we must fully analyze and consider the size of the clothes placed, and finally design the pattern of open Wardrobes according to the needs.

After the open Wardrobes are renovated, many people put it in the kitchen or bathroom close to it. If this is an area, we must pay attention to waterproof work, so when using open Wardrobes later, everyone should pay attention to moisture. At the same time, we must pay attention to avoid Wardrobes worms, mold and other phenomena that affect the life of Wardrobes. It is recommended that owners can regularly place some moisture-proof agent in the wardrobe, but also avoid direct sunlight Wardrobes to prevent the wardrobe plate from bursting, thereby affecting the life of the wardrobe.