Kitchen Cabinets Buying Tips

- May 20, 2020-

Take a look at the edge banding of the plate. The edge banding of high-quality Kitchen Cabinets is exquisite, smooth, and feels good. Professional big factories use linear edge banding machine to complete the process of edge banding, end cutting, edge trimming, chamfering, polishing and so on to ensure the most accurate size.

Second look at punching. Panel furniture is assembled by three-in-one connectors. The coordination and accuracy of the hole position will affect the structural strength of Kitchen Cabinets.

Three look at the cutting board. Panel cutting is the first process produced by Kitchen Cabinets. Large professional enterprises use electronic cutting saws to input the processing size through the computer, and the computer controls the dimensional accuracy of the material selection, and can process several sheets at a time. The performance of the equipment is stable, and the dimensional accuracy of the board is very high, and the tolerance unit is in microns.

Four door panels. The door panels of Kitchen Cabinets are as important as human faces. Door panels produced by small factories are subject to moisture and deformation due to improper treatment of substrates and surface processes.

Five to see the assembly effect of the whole set of Kitchen Cabinets. Any dimensional errors in the production process will appear on the door panel. Kitchen Cabinets produced by a small factory will have uneven door gaps and uneven gaps on the door panels, ranging from large to small.